Increase Site Satisfaction

Automate your site and vendor payments to streamline your financial administration. With finklyn you can pay your sites more frequently while saving time on managing unpopular administrative tasks.

Automate your site payments


  • Reduce process steps and unify the workflow

  • Eliminate redundand task through automation

  • Reduce cycle times from eCRF entry to payment

  • Access comprehensive reports and gain valuable insights

Invoice management

A trial can easily generate hundreds of invoices with up to 150 line items per invoice. Keeping track of rendered services and manually matching them to contract terms for each site can be time-consuming.

Why finklyn?

finklyn provides easy invoicing for sites and makes invoice reconciliation more efficient. The system is driven by EDC / eCRF data and tailored to site contracts. This way invoicing errors, double or missed payments are avoided. Our straightforward invoice management assures that manual cost tracking and paper-based documents belong to the past.

Automated payments

Slow and poorly executed financial workflows can lead to delays and errors regarding site payments. This may place some sites in financial distress and increase operational burdens on your valued trial partners.

Why finklyn?

finklyn facilitates invoice approval and enables automated payments based on pre-defined trigger events. This way you assure timely site payments according to the payment schedule. Paying sites on time for the appropriate services performed is of utmost relevance to the study success. Prompt payments lead to happier sites and make them more likely to enroll in your trial.

Financial transparency

Keeping track of the various site payment terms and matching them to services performed can become a challenging task in any trial.

Why finklyn?

finklyn reduces complexity and offers transparency by combining EDC data with payment terms. Our tools provide you with unprecedented insights into where your study is heading financially. Get an instant overview of site payment terms without the need to browse through paper-based contracts. In case you want to dig deeper into financial activities, our change log establishes a comprehensive audit trail throughout your study.

Budget management

Managing budgets and producing relevant financial analyses is hard when operating with a myriad of siloed systems. Underestimating site payments can lead to painful restatements years after trial start. Overestimating site payments results in bad capital allocation and may lead to large repayments by the CRO to the sponsor at the end of the trial.

Why finklyn?

With finklyn you can easily track and control your site payment budget. This mitigates risks related to accruals and reconciliation. Receive full visibility into payments made and understand the impact on your study budget. Retain control over your cash, get notification alerts and make informed decisions when required.

Reach new levels of trial efficiency, data accuracy and improve your project timelines.

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