Increase Patient Satisfaction

Easily deliver payments and travel reimbursements to study participants. No more complicated cheque or cash transactions. With finklyn’s reloadable PrepaidCard or direct bank transfer options you provide a simple and secure payment option.

Key Benefits

Easy Setup

Fast and easy implementation across all participating study sites.


Instant Payments

Reimburse participants right after a completed visit or milestone.

Transparent Reporting

Comprehensive and up-to-date payment reports provide full financial transparency.

Secure Transactions

Maximum data and fraud protection.


Paperless Process

Eliminate the need for slow check payments and manual, paper-based reporting.

Seamless Integration

Integrates well with other data sources and systems to maximize process automation across your organization.

finklyn for you


  • Fast Payments
    Receive payments directly. No complicated cheque deposit required.
  • Local Currency
    finklyn supports various global currencies, so you can receive payments in your local currency.
  • Free Prepaid Card
    Get a free Prepaid MasterCard that you can use for online and offline purchases as well as ATM withdrawals.


  • Eliminate Prepayments
    Execute payments directly from a dedicated escrow account. No need to draw from your own cash reserves for prepayments.
  • Less Paperwork
    Eliminate check request forms and paper-based payment documentation.
  • Patient Retention
    Facilitate expense reimbursements for patients to drive-up patient retention.


  • Save time and money
    Increase operational efficiency by automating your patient payment workflows.
  • Comprehensive Reporting
    Get a clear view on all transactions and easily generate financial reports.
  • Increase Site Motivation
    Help your sites reduce their administrative burdens and become a preferred partner to work with.

Get the finklyn PrepaidCard 

Do you want to make your patients’ life easier by delivering quick and easy payments using the finklyn PrepaidCard? Get in touch with us for your next trial.

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