finklyn for sponsors

Improve the payment processes in clinical trials for yourself and your study partners.



finklyn enables you to overview all your studies end-to-end, from aggregated information down to a complete history of each and every transaction.

Budget management

Get an instant and holistic view on your budget with ease, even in multi-currency setups (including intelligent forecasting, alerting & other useful notifications and reminders).


Dashboards with key metrics and important information provide you with a crystal clear financially-oriented view on your data, helping to track and manage overall study success.

Key features and benefits

• Automated payments
• Multi-currency support
• Financial forecasting
• Advanced notifications
• Budgeting alerts
• Transparent reports


Sophisticated financial processes have a considerable impact on site motivation which correlates to overall study speed and success.

Sounds interesting?

Give it a try with a guided tour. Get a first impression on how your daily operations could change utilizing finklyn for your clinical studies.