finklyn for sites

Speed up your invoicing process and avoid time-wasting activities while billing your services within clinical studies.

Workflow efficiency

Stay focused on your core activities and spend as less time as possible for administrative tasks such as monitoring billable services, preparing invoices or tracking payment activities.

Easy invoicing

Are you sometimes struggling with invoice creation for clinical studies. From 1-click invoice creation inside finklyn to data provision for your invoicing and/or accounting tools, finklyn covers your back.

Financial transparency

Stay on top of your financial transactions, keeping track of each and every transaction. We provide you with all required information in neat dashboards and insightful reports.

Key features and benefits

• Invoice alert
• View receivable amount
• Invoice generator
• Invoice upload
• Invoice overview & management
• Faster payment process

Site payments and patient reimbursements looking for a complete makeover as Sites spend a significant amount of resources on the process of getting paid!

Sounds interesting?

Give it a try with a guided tour. Get a first impression on how your daily operations could change utilizing finklyn for your clinical studies.