About finklyn

finklyn is a technology enabled service company headquartered in Münster, Germany. Founded in 2017 by a group of clinical research professionals, we have overseen hundreds of clinical trials together. 

We are researchers, engineers, designers and financial experts dedicated to improving clinical research. By leveraging our know-how and the unique experiences of our clients, we develop cutting-edge solutions. Let’s create the future of clinical trials together.

The finklyn Leadership Team

Erik Kolb

Managing Director

Sascha Korth

Lead Engineer

Christin Menke

Product Manager

Nabiyu Melesse

Business Development Manager

Our Values

Pioneer spirit we have the boldness to challenge the status quo. We are curious, we are risk takers, we think out of the box and we embrace change even if its uncomfortable

Collaboration – we build our partnerships across boundaries, internally and externally, with diverse stakeholders.

Simplicity we keep simplicity a key factor in developing our technology to deliver the most intuitive product to our customers. 

Focus – we use our core competencies to help us deliver extraordinary quality in the services we provide. 

Commitment – we are committed to our work, trustworthy and always endeavored to deliver result-driven outcomes.

Our local partners