Clinical Trial Financial Management

Accelerate trial operations and reduce administrative burdens with our technology-enabled solutions. Easy invoicing, timely site payments and a clear view on relevant study data.

The future of clinical trial payments

Accelerate your trial operations and reduce administrative burdens. Easy invoicing, timely site payments and a clear view on financial data.

What is finklyn?

A site payment provider that enables efficient invoice and payment management in clinical trials.

  • Successfully administer site payments and manage invoices from any device at any time.
  • Save time and reduce risks related to accruals and reconciliation.
  • Automate financial workflows and mitigate invoice errors by linking EDC data.
  • Know where your study is heading. finklyn transforms your ability to track, forecast and control site budgets.
  • Collaborate with your study partners and across your organization.

Why finklyn?

Accelerate your trial

Prevent unplanned increases in study duration by eliminating error-prone processes.

Costs & workload reduction

Automated workflows allow all parties involved in the trial to focus on their core activities.

Go paperless

Reduce the need for physical document exchange by working on a single platform.

Regulatory compliance

Country specific invoices help you comply with international tax and regulations.

Next level collaboration

One platform for effective collaboration and purposeful communication.

Maximum data protection

GDPR compliance and secure data processing on servers in Europe.

finklyn for you


Make instant forecasts and know where your study is heading financially. We equip you with the tools to tackle budget uncertainties. Become a preferred partner for your valued sites by reducing their administration effort.


Set yourself apart from your competitors. Spend less time on reconciling invoices and browsing through site contracts. finklyn enables a better way for collaborating with your study partners.


What used to be a time drain can now be done with the click of a button. Get paid faster. Clearly see which service has been paid and when you will receive the next batch. Correct and predictable payments for everyone.

Trusted all over the world

We are already supporting clients all over the world. Missing your country? Get in touch!

At the end of the day it just feels good to have accomplished more in less time.

— Project Manager, Pharma Company from Munich (Germany)

The amount of incorrect invoices and payment queries are heavily reduced. finklyn saves time and provides transparency regarding financial processes in our clinical trials.

— Head of Finance, Proinnovera GmbH

finklyn made the payment process comprehensible. Now I bill my services with a few clicks and can be sure to receive the payments on time.

— Principle Investigator from Poland

Discover the finklyn platform

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